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Guangzhou Shopping Tour Guide & Agent.     Apr 23rd 2024

Do you know that Guangzhou is the shopping paradise? Many foreign tourists come here beside doing business and also for personal shopping, they more like shopping replicas of Balenciaga, Zegna, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Goyard, Loewe, LV, CK, Chanel, Michael Kors, Lora Piano, Prada, Gucci…, for watches they like Rolex, TAG Heuer, AP…

My name is Sony, I’m a shopping guide & agent in Guangzhou Foshan China. I offer shopping tour & agent services. If you’re in China hire me, I can help you find everything for personal shopping 🛍️, I can also help you with shipping if you don’t want to fill the goods in your luggage 🧳. If you’re not in China I represent you to the wholesale market to buy and ship to you.  For big size or quantity goods such like machinery, furniture, building materials… I can help you shipping by container.  for quick inquiry, please add my WhatsApp: +86-188-2310-3475

Canton Fair -Chinese and English interpreter -Sourcing service -visiting factory       Apr 20th 2024

We are the Professional Sourcing Agency/ Business Interpreter/Business Assistant/Private Business Guide In China. need an interpreter/guide/sourcing agent in Guangzhou Foshan? contact Mr. Sony Song, WhatsApp: +86-188 2310 3475 , E-mail: 

Guangzhou welcomes you with huge business opportunities! It's a gathering place of various trade fairs and exhibitions – Canton Fair, CIFF, Beauty Expo and many more; it's also a center of shopping and wholesale markets. For a foreign visitor, bringing an interpreter or translator together is a wise choice for whether understanding, communicating, bargaining, or negotiating.


Stop at: either at Canton Fair Complex or your hotel lobby.

Canton Fair details: China Import and Export Fair, also called" Canton fair" ,Which is established in 1957. Mutually conducted by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and organized by China Foreign Trade Centre, it is held twice a year including Spring Canton fair and Autumn Canton fair in Guangzhou,China. Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the largest buyer attendance, the broadest distribution of buyers’ source country and the greatest business turnover in China.

The time of Spring Canton fair: Phase one: April15-19th, Phase two: April 23-27th, Phase three: April 31-4th. 1.registration is required. 2.Bringing Chinese interpreters to enter into Canton fair will be high cost,it will cost you 50 RMB for materials fee and 300 RMB per day for interpreters' badge. 3. You'd better book the hotel in advance because of the very high and crowded demand with increasing pricing. If you have other questions about Canton fair, welcome to contact me. Duration: 8 hours

Guangzhou Halal food- BBQ- Chicken, Beef Shawarma 

Guangzhou Halal restaurant enjoy dinner with Kuwaiti clients

                               Guangzhou Guide                Apr 6th 2024

Guangzhou, the largest city in South China, sits on the Pearl River northwest of Hong Kong. This Chinese megalopolis is home to a staggering 12.78 million inhabitants (compared to London and New York’s respective populations of roughly 8.2 million).

As a thriving business hub, Guangzhou has a decidedly cosmopolitan feel to it, partly owing to its strong links with Hong Kong. While the majority of people do not speak English, international pockets thrive throughout the city.

Tianhe is a popular area among foreigners. Bars and restaurants are in abundance and those feeling homesick can chase away their blues in
McCawleys pub, Cowboys Bar-B-Que, Ocean 7, McDonalds, Nova, Starbucks, or Japanese fusion to name a few. Grandview and TeeMall are within walking distance, and ample parks provide green relief to the area.

Panyu is another popular area, just south of the city. It has a vibrant international community and is popular among families and singles alike. The cost of living here is reasonable and you’ll never be short of things to do and see. The city prides itself on its performing arts scene and is committed to supporting a packed cultural calendar.

Getting around Guangzhou can be daunting, but is easily do-able. The city recently installed the world’s second-largest Bus Transit Rapid system, which hauls no fewer than 800,000 commuters across town and back every day. The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail was opened to long distance commuters in 2009, while the Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity rail (opened in 2011), has further opened up the city.

Motorbikes have been banned in this burgeoning city as a means of improving traffic control, and in a bid to clean the heavily polluted air the majority of vehicles now run on LPG gas. The recently opened Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (which is soon to add a further two runways) has made the city considerably easier to get to and from.

What is special or unique about your city?

According to legend, five immortals rode through the clouds on five rams into what is now Guangzhou. Overwhelmed by its lush and beautiful landscape, they planted special rice so that the people of this area would never see famine. Thanks to this folklore, Guangzhou is known as "the city of rams" or "goat city." Today, statues of rams can be seen around the city, which also has a newspaper and many restaurants named after this animal.

The city was founded 711 AD and soon established itself as a port for international trade. It has experienced continuous foreign influences ever since. Called "Canton" by English-speakers until relatively recently, Guangzhou is the capitol of the Guangdong Province.

What are a newcomer's first impressions of your city?

Because Guangzhou is a center for commerce, your first impression of the city will be that it is busy, crowded, and that the air is not so clean.

Are these impressions likely to change?

Though there are efforts to clean up the environment, things may not change overnight. You will, however, become accustomed to the bustling activity and therefore notice it less.

What is the local language?

The local people speak Cantonese, known in the local language as "Guangdong Hua or Bai Hua." But you will also hear Mandarin, which is China's official language, spoken by most people across the country.

How easily could I live in this city without knowing this language?

It is challenging to live in southern China without speaking any Chinese. But the local people are friendly and usually enjoy talking to foreigners. Most foreign residents find speaking to local people both interesting and fun. This, and a bit of bravery, will help you to learn a bit of Chinese which will make life easier for you. Some words could help you in challenging situations are:

These phrases are in Mandarin, which is understood by more people in China than any other language.  It is also generally easier for foreigners to pronounce than Cantonese.

What are good things to remember in order to avoid offending the other residents of this city?

Chinese people tend to be reserved, so they will feel more comfortable if you avoid unnecessary physical contact or broad gesturing, especially when communicating with the opposite gender.

Similarly, do not pat children on the head, but take special notice of them as Chinese parents like to dote on their kids. In business dealings, always use two hands when handling your name card and when receiving that of another person. This shows respect.

How might the local weather affect my daily life?

The Guangdong Province has a subtropical climate. Spring and summer are humid with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius in April (68 degrees Fahrenheit) climbing to about 38 degrees Celsius in July and August (100 degrees Fahrenheit). Surprisingly, many people catch colds during this time.

Because most buildings are very heavily air-conditioned, people are subject to extremes when going between freezing indoor temperatures and the sweltering outdoor heat.

July through September is typhoon (hurricane) season. While most typhoons are reduced to lesser storms when they hit southern China's coastline, for Guangzhou it still means daily showers, making umbrellas essential.

From September, the weather gradually cools to about 12 degrees Celsius in February (54 degrees Fahrenheit). While hotels and expatriate housing are heated, most other buildings in southern China have neither insulation nor heating, making it chilly indoors. The good thing about this season is that it is sunny and dry. Because of the mild to hot climate, tropical fruits and flowers are available all year.

  Benefits of Hiring Trustworthy Sourcing Agent in China               Jun 13th 2023   

In 2013, China achieved the status of the world’s leading trading nation. Almost ten years ago, the country ranked top and replaced the United States. In 2020, China outsourced almost US$2.591 trillion worth of goods worldwide. They are still dominating the world of trade as the leading source of raw materials and ready-to-sell products for global e-commerce stores.  

Though Google search helps a business overcome the language barrier, it cannot assure that you will get quality products. If you want to ensure the quality of the products, you should hire a trusted China product sourcing agent. If you want to know how such an agent can help you, keep reading this blog. 

Benefits of Hiring Reliable Product Sourcing Agent in China 

Many startups and growing e-commerce companies are not willing to source products from their country as it would be an expensive affair. Most of these organizations are inclining towards China. This Asian Superpower provides quality products at price ranges, which are comparatively affordable than the suppliers of other countries. The process of outsourcing from China can be easier and more profitable by hiring reliable Chinese sourcing agents. Listed below are some key benefits that you can get from a sourcing agent in China


All industries are under the spell of customization and modern consumers are greatly moved by customization. The sourcing industry is not an exception. Most companies want to source raw materials or goods meant for their specific requirements. Finding such a supplier is a challenging task. But an experienced sourcing agent can make this task easier. They have a wide network and this network contains suppliers of every kind; once you share your specifications with the agent, they will find a supplier that can meet your requirements.  

Quality control 

One of the key benefits of hiring a China product sourcing agent is having on-ground support for quality checks. It is not possible for foreign companies to send their in-house quality check team to China. The agents look after the quality check on behalf of their clients. It ensures that the companies are getting the materials that they wanted.  

Competitive pricing 

When it comes to importing and exporting raw materials and goods from China, you can be assured of one thing- you will get competitive pricing. China supplies materials and products at competitive prices. Only a few other countries can offer as reasonable materials as offered by China.  

Best e-commerce experience 

Supplying goods from China helps e-commerce businesses provide the best customer experience. As they can outsource materials at reasonable prices with the help of a sourcing agent in China, they can reduce manufacturing costs. This way, they can sell reasonable products and gain customer satisfaction.  

These are the key benefits of hiring an experienced agent for souring in China. It can make your sourcing process faster and smoother. You can save operational costs and time. The saved time and money you can spend on other departments of your business. Before choosing an agent, take ample time to find the right agent. 

          Who is the best furniture sourcing agent in Foshan China?     May 6th 2023

 China Dragon is the best sourcing agent in China for furniture. This Foshan-based brand has been offering furniture sourcing services for a decade now. They know the ropes of the business better than any other service provider out there. Their network is extensive with more than 5000 manufacturers, and their reputation is flawless. That’s a hard to beat combination if you are looking for a provider in this industry specifically.

Key Services:

1. Sourcing

80% of China’s furniture manufacturers are in Foshan. It’s teeming with options, which makes it all the more difficult for brands to choose the right supplier. China Dragon helps you with sourcing from a variety of sources. You can source online, source from wholesalers, source from the market or deal only with vetoed suppliers.

2. Quality control

Buying furniture from a different country comes with its own set of risks. That’s why China Dragon is so reputed across the industry. They perform quality checks ensuring that every furniture piece is consistent and matches the advertised description. Besides, they also take care of customs clearance and delivery.

3. Furniture tours

If you’d like to visit China personally to source the furniture, China Dragon can be your guide and partner on ground. A personal representative will take you around the key furniture markets in Foshan, making it immensely simple to source the right product.

Picking up customers from Air-port            Apr 5th 2023

We source products for customers before they arrive to China, we offer hotel booking, air-port pick up, products sourcing, wholesale market tour, factory visiting, business negotiation, air-port drop off, orders follow up, QC, Goods consolidation, Container loading, Organize Shipping... one stop solution sevice in Guangzhou Foshan Shenzhen and all over China. I also can find your favourit restaurant. 

 How much does it cost to hire a Chinese interpreter or translator ?      Feb 2nd 2023     

 Are you planning to take your business to the largest market in the world? Then you already have an idea what interpreter services are and you are going to need an interpreter, right? Well, an interpreter plays an important role in global business. They help us by enhancing communication by conveying accurate translation of information from one language to another all over the world. Unlike a translator, an interpreter deals with verbal communication. They specialize in specific fields, so you choose accordingly.

So basically, interpreting services are the audible form of instant communication. In this article, we will discuss the Chinese Interpreter Services, all the facts that you should know before hiring an interpreter. So let’s start! 

China’s Importance in the World

China is a well-known country and no one can deny the impact the country has had on technology. China introduces different innovations to the industries and helps companies how to triple their production. It’s not wrong to say that we would be far behind in technology if there weren’t any genius Chinese minds behind it. Moreover, Chinese values influenced the world’s culture. The most important aspect of Chinese culture is its various languages. We all know the art of the Chinese language. 

There are a lot of varieties in Chinese dialect but the most popular one is Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. It is the primary language of government and more than half of the Chinese population speaks the Mandarin language. A language that is spoken by billions of people and is also one of the most popular lingos on the Internet is not understood by other six billion people around the world. That’s why people need the help of a Chinese interpreter or from time to time.

Chinese Interpreting Service

Professional Chinese Interpreters provide interpreting services for medical, legal, corporate, academic, and other industries. If you hold any international event or multilingual conferences, conducting a meeting with your overseas business partners, or looking for a personal Chinese interpreter to assist you at legal matters, business negotiation, or medical terminology; you need to connect to and interpreting or translation company to help you with all this and provide an accurate translation.

Chinese Simultaneous Interpreting Services 

Chinese simultaneous interpreting services are the perfect way to convey information when large conferences and meetings, as well as executive training programs or high-level meetings, are held. The mode of interpreting is preferred for events where a great deal of information needs to be conveyed in two or more languages; moreover, it saves a lot of time.

Simultaneous interpreters are more likely to work in pairs and will translate the words of the speaker without interruption. They also use specialized pieces of equipment such as soundproof interpreter booths, headsets, and receivers to maintain smooth communication.

Chinese Consecutive Interpreting Services 

Chinese consecutive interpreting services are best for small level settings and face-to-face meetings where only two languages are used most probably English and Chinese. Situations like these include:

To provide high-quality consecutive interpreting services, the speakers need to pause and allow the interpreter to translate and verbally convey the speaker’s message. No extra or specialized types of equipment are used in consecutive interpreting which makes it more convenient and cost-friendly.

Phone Interpreting Services 

Phone interpreters provide interpreting services on live calls. These interpreting services can be conduct for two or more parties that are in the same room or remote location. Chinese interpreting companies provide a prepaid phone number. This service simply requires that one party connect to a professional Chinese linguist or interpreter on a call, and then add other parties on the line to make a conference call. Else they put the phone on speaker and so that everyone in the room that listen, and involved in the conversation.

Role of Chinese Interpreter in Global Business 

Interpreters provide services in many business areas; they specialize in various specified fields. Some of the business areas in which interpreters play a key role are:

Medical Interpreters - Medical interpreters provide services of effective communication between patients and hospital management. They have strong knowledge of medical and conversational terms in both languages. Moreover, they need to carefully convey the message of the doctor to the patient keeping all the medical terminology in mind. A professional linguist who specializes both in English and Chinese language will be able to provide you medical interpreting services. 

Conference Interpreters - Conference interpreters work at the international level such as WTO, or the World Bank, etc, where participants come from all over the world. Sometimes conference interpreters also work as mediators among international businesses that are held in foreign countries. They can interpret the content in more than two languages.

Specialize Business Interpreters - Specialized business interpreters specialize in various fields of translation such as marketing, finance, and economics. A business interpreter has sound knowledge of the respective business markets and current events. The translation in financial markets is an example of business interpreting services. This includes interpretation of business documents, legal documents, and other technical documents such as financial statements, mutual funds reports, regulatory statements, and reports, etc.

Localization Interpreters - Localization interpreters provide their services to the local users. The main goal of the localization and experienced interpreter is to provide a high degree of knowledge to the local public.

What does it cost for Chinese interpreter services?

A lot of Chinese companies are providing Chinese Interpreting & Translation Services at different rates. Some of them provide quality work at a high rate while orders are working at low rates but no one can guarantee their quality. So you need to very careful. Choose a middle ground, the one that provides quality work at affordable rates. 

Interpreter companies work at per day, per hour or per-minute rates. Interpreting services may take place in person or over the phone call. Generally, In-person Chinese translators or interpreters charge $100 - $200 per day, $50 - $145 per hour, Some interpreters work at least two hours minimum. Some interpreters start at $ 100 per hour or sometimes $125 for sign language.

On the other hand, phone interpreters generally charge from $1.25 to $3 per minute, while video interpreters typically charge from $1.75 to $ 7 per minute. Some interpreter professional translators charge $2.25 per minute for any language and $2.95 for sign language. A minimum of 15 minutes is required by phone or video interpreting services.

Now you can compare the prices of different interpreters and choose which suits you best.

Why do you need an interpreter/guide in China ?              Dec 31st 2022 

No matter you come to China  for business or pleasure, you have to hire an interpreter/business assistant or guide,  it helps you to save time and do things accurately.  imagine  you come to China alone yourself to buy or sell products, you don't know the wholesale markets and don't speak Chinese,  that seems  be lost. even  you searched the wholesale market online,  want to come to  market by yourself, but you won't find a taxi easily,  because Chinese people usually order car by phone which linked their Chinese bank account. even you arrived the wholesale market or factory  without your own interpreter/business assistant, that would be hard to make a deal with the Chinese seller or buyer, because you talk to the Chinese dealers back and forth without understanding each other, that feels like heart blocked.  imagine that you paid 30% deposit to Chinese seller, and the Chinese seller don't delivery you goods and said it's your fault, you will feel frustrated.  so hire an interpreter/business assistant or guide  is very important  for your China business trip.

Sony Song is a professional business interpreter/Business assistant/ Guide/ Chinese product Sourcing  agent  and has plenty experiences of import and export Chinese products,  also familiar with all wholesale markets, factories and variety products.  work with  Sony, your China trip will be successful and pleasant ! 

China has cancelled inbound Quarantine policy.                                  Dec 27th 2022                      

 The rules which were released on Monday night, said travelers to China are required to take a nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure and those with negative results can enter the country without having to apply for a green health code from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. They need to fill in the results in the customs health declaration forms. If they test positive, traveling to China will be allowed after the results turn negative.

Furthermore, COVID-19 testing and centralized isolation for all overseas travelers entering China will be canceled, and those with a normal health declaration and no abnormality in routine quarantines at the customs port can be green-lighted to social mobility, according to the plan.

Additionally, the plan eyes a continued improvement in arrangements for foreign nationals traveling to China for work and production resumption, business, study, family visits and reunions. Visa applications under these scenarios will be facilitated, according to the plan, and passenger entry and exit at sea and land ports will be gradually resumed.

Outbound travel of Chinese citizens will also be resumed in an orderly manner, in accordance with the global epidemic situation and varied service guarantee capabilities.

All airlines should continue to do a good job in on-board epidemic prevention, and passengers must wear masks when boarding, the rules said.

Data from travel platform showed that search volume for international air tickets increased by 7 times within 15 minutes after China announced to scrap COVID-19 flight ban and load factor for inbound passenger flights and vowed to orderly resume citizens' outbound travel. The popular destinations are Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

The booking volume of international hotels has gradually increased since December. Among them, Macao, Hong Kong, and overseas countries with visa-free policies are the first choice for domestic tourists, according to data from

The number of Macao hotel reservations on the Qunar platform has doubled from the beginning of December. Overseas regions, such as the Philippines, France, and Thailand have higher hotel reservations. The booking for Philippines hotels has more than doubled.

More overseas carriers are mapping more inbound routes back to the Chinese mainland.

Asiana Airlines will have 10 round-trips of direct flights between China and South Korea in January, including nine cities including Tianjin and Chengdu.

On December 21, Air France announced that the Shanghai-Paris route will increase to three flights a week starting from February 4, 2023. The newly added third flight will be operated by Boeing 777-300ER, which can carry up to 381 passengers. Air France will gradually increase passenger capacity to meet the growing demand in the Chinese market.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced on December 19 that it will add three flights per week on the route between the Netherlands and China, including two flights between Amsterdam and Shanghai every week and one flight between Amsterdam and Hangzhou. The above flights will start operating from January 30, 2023.

From December 20, Qatar Airways increased the frequencies from Hangzhou to Doha and resumed the route from Shanghai to Doha.

Global Times

Two days tour in Guangzhou and Foshan                     13th Dec 2022

 Before my client-Steven came to Guangzhou, he inquired me about the covid situation in Guangzhou,  i said no problem, it won't interrupt our travel in Guangzhou and Foshan, so he booked me as his interpreter/guide. on Nov 16th I went to the Guangzhou South Railway station and picked him up. next day we visited the Canton Tower and Opera House in Guangzhou, in the afternoon we visited the Foshan Louvre Furniture Mall, Steve is a home interior designer, he also supply furnitures to the real estate companies in USA, so visit the high class furnitures in the Foshan Louvre furniture mall is important.  I also booked him the Ramada Hotel in Foshan, he said the Ramada hotel was very comfortable. Dear foreign friends, if you need a Guide in Guangzhou and Foshan, please feel free to contact me, I'm the guide whom is very familiar with Guangzhou and Foshan, can show you around the two cities very well.