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Search shoe fabric with three Burma ladies

khiKhine Thinzar Htat is a student, she came here with her mother and aunt for shoe fabric.

On 21st April, these three ladies went to Guangzhou International textile market by themselves.They walked around for a whole day ,only found 5 shops of velvet. At the end of that day ,Khine sent me message( by wechat )and asked me to be their translator.

On 22nd April , We found everything within 2 hours ,they were so happy and satisfied . They got patterns and prices from all the shops and made notes of everything. What a lucky morning!

After having lunch , we went to Jewelry Accessory market and Bai Yun Tian Di shoe market . Khine bought one lovely shoe for herself,She is so happy.

At the end of the day ,Khine’s mother asked me to find out the shipping date and price for her( from Guangzhou to Muse). Hope we can cooperate in the next month !

Bamboo’s Qualification

Majoring in accounting in the university.( Bachelor Degree)
Having very good language foundation and excellent oral expressive ability of both Mandarin and English.

Over 3-year experience as Personal Tour Guide. I enjoy meeting up with and helping travelers with travel logistics (includes planning or booking accommodation, train/plane tickets, airport transfers, formulating itineraries etc)

Over 3-year experience as a Business interpreter & Trading Agent. Stand by your side and be the representative of you & your company!

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