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Cargo forwarder for two Colombia customers

Cargo forwarder for two Colombia customers

Julie and Joanna are from Colombia ,but they own a jewellery shop in Miami ,USA.

We went to Xijiao building and Liwan plaza to search for silver jewellery and packing materials .

After they went back ,they placed some orders . When the goods were ready, I paid for the factory and sent the air cargo for them.



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    Dongguan Translator /Interpreter/Business Assistant/

    Dear foreign friends,

    This is bamboo,I moved to Song gang town , which is located in Shenzhen but very close to Dongguan.So any foreign friends who want a Dongguan translator or interpreter , you can also contact me .I went to Dongguan every week , so i am also familiar with it .it is famous for hardware ,clothes, and handbags.

    Contact me via :


    Wechat: 13588693667 (wechat is a very good connecting method with your friends ,like whats app , but it is much better than whats app , download from http://www.wechat.com/en/)


    Looking forward to meeting with you


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